I recently starting writing tests using Behat and had the problem that Sublime Text 2 did not have default functionality to help highlight my .feature tests (having everything display white on black can get tedious fast).

So…I hit Google and found one or two other plugins that claim to do the job, but after trying them…I wasn’t a big fan. Thus, I created my own plugin.


Download or clone the repository to your Sublime Text2/Packages/User/ or Sublime Text2/Packages folder. You can also choose to only copy Behat/Syntax.tmLanguage

How To Use

After copying the package to your user packages folder, you should be able to activate it in Sublime by going to View > Syntax > Behat.

Update: My repository has been merged with https://github.com/omissis/sublime-behat-syntax which should provide a complete syntax highlighter for Behat features.