Space Shooter Using Unity 3D

Wanting to create a game for a while now, I never knew where to start. Finally I decided to just take some tutorials and work through them.


Construct 2 Sprite Factory Plugin

I am creating a platform shooter game in Construct 2 and realized that if I want multiple bullet types to spawn based on power-ups, I would have to create quite an elaborate IF statement and sub conditions to spawn the right bullet type based on my current power-up status. I thought it would be much easier to use if I had some sort of BulletFactory and instead of spawning the actual BulletType, I can instead spawn the instance of the factory and the factory would be aware of which object it’s currently representing. As an example, without this factory plugin. My event sheet would look similar to the image below.


How To Avoid Arduino Resetting Due To Current Loss

I recently ran into a problem with my Arduino powered remote control car, the motors would pull too much current and reset the Arduino. Unfortunately, the space I had on the RC car was limited and I had to make due with a 2200mah battery that didn’t have enough juice to power the motors and the Arduino. After doing some research and trying a few different techniques, I realized that it would be much easier to just have the motor run on it’s own battery before it causes damage to the Arduino. However, before I came to this conclusion…I tried a technique called power supply decoupling. I had some success with this, but unfortunately for long running high current components like DC motors…it’s just not good enough. Decoupling the power supply helps to introduce a more stable flow of current. Without decoupling, your components might be wired like this:


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